The rock forest in Hatun Machay community is one of the best developed rock climbing sectors in Peru. It offers over 300 bolted sport routs where some of them are multi pitch. Plenty of blocks for bouldering and virgin walls for trad climbing are in the very same sector as well. Volcanic rock in all kinds of different forms provide us with great climbing and shade.

The climbing sector is located about 4200 meters above the sea level. Because of that the breeze will keep us cool at all time. The nights are cold and sun burns very fast if you forget sun protection. Once you arrive to the crag you should register in the refuge and pay 10 soles entrance fee which is valid for as long as we wish to stay there. The camping space will cost you another 10 soles per night per person and a place in the refuge is 20 soles.

Hatun Machay rock forest is an archeological place as well so make sure your activities will not affect the historical discoveries.

To get there on your own you should take a taxi from Catac or Huaraz or a bus to
Conococha to get off on the cross road and walk an hour and a half.