There is a lot of great boulders within the Huaraz city boundaries and close by. Mostly granite, usually easy to access and free to climb. Some of the zones are on private lands and some others surrounded with crops so make sure you don’t get into trouble with the locals. You can learn more about access issues at the end of this page.

Huanchac, el Pinar, Huacrajirca, Jamancajirca, Pumapac, Marian, Nueva Florida and Uquia would be the closest sectors to the city center. Most of them within walking distance one from another. You can easy reach them by bus, taxi or even walking from the city center.

Huanchac is perhaps the most famous boulder zone in Huaraz, all blocks are good quality granite rock and all very close one to another. Mostly crimpy, overhanging routes.

Huacrajirca is another zone, close to Huanchac. Same bus to take and same type of rock but the blocks are a bit more spread.

El Pinar is another great sector with granite blocks. This one offers some friction and balance based routes as well as overhanging powerful ones.

Pumpac has 2, very different blocks. A crimpy one and a balance one. Both dry out fast after rain due to its east exposure.

Marian is located very close to Pumpac. The 2 faced granite highball features some of the steepest routes of Huaraz. Steep enough to climb in the rain.

Nueva Florida is probably the nearest to Huaraz boulders sector to the city center. 2 crimpy blocks at your service.


Huanchac has an owner, the old lady might appear any moment and you better have 2 soles for her ready so she does not get mean:)

In Huacrajirca the blocks are a bit further away, some of them might have crops growing just under. Be careful and do not damage any of it so we can continue climbing.