Around Huaraz you will find an uncountable amount of beautiful places to climb. Specially if you enjoy multi pitch trad climbing on high altitude then Peru is a perfect country for your holidays. Specially Huaraz can become an ideal base for your expeditions.

Pretty much every single valley in the Corillera Blanca can provide you with some decent rock climbing options. No need to add that all of the valley lies between the snow peaks that can be climbed as well.
All Cordillera Blanca is a climbable paradise. Yet though some of the areas are truly spectacular and featuring some of the most impressive walls that has been calling climbers attention for decades.

Beside the Sphinx in Paron valley and Llaca brook some of the flag points for trad climbing in Ancash- Peru would be:
-Rurec Valey, with it’s impressive granite walls with up to 1600meters long climbs.
-Ishinca valley and some of the most beautiful granite crags in Cordillera Blanca mountains (Ichic Ulloc, Hatun Ulloc and Apu).