In Ancach you will find plenty of great blocks all around. Next to the road, in the middle of fields, on the bottoms of the valleys, on the tops of the hills and even incorporated into simple, adobe houses. Discovering all of them on your own would take very long time and may put you into conflict with the locals that may suspect you of stealing or damaging their crops.

This is why we leave you a list of boulders we already know, spotting any access issue that you should know.

Quilcayhuanca is a beautiful valley, located in Huascaran National Park and full of amazing boulder blocks. It starts in Pitec village, just a bit after Churup lake entrance. The park entrance fee will apply.

Cachipampa has plenty of great blocs all around. Good idea to come with a car to move between them since they are a bit  away one from another. Careful not to damage crops that you may find just under blocks.

Keushu is a small lake fed with Huandoy glacier waters, close to Yungay town, surrounded with mountains, pre Inka ruins and good quality boulders. It is easy to camp and it has a great view for one of Huandoy peaks.