Los Olivos is the closest rock climbing sector from the city. Just 20 minutes walking distance from the city center, where our agency is located. First we will find the “Stubai” and “la cascada” climbing sectors which are very good to start our adventure. Continuing the path we will find other sectors with a bit more demanding routs. Then going up the hill we will reach the Boulder zone with an almost 80 meters horizontal travers and plenty of vertical Boulder problems along it.

For the sport climbing we would usually start in the agency about 9:30am. We warm up walking to the first 2 sectors where we would spend about 3-5 hours climbing. Here we will find a few very easy routs to start (4´s and a 5´s) with a beautiful view for the “Cordillera Blanca” and Huaraz. All of them are about 13-17 meters high. Just next to it we have a few slightly harder routs (6a), which are also very good to try something a bit more demanding, at the same time you can skip the hard part to make it to the top.

In all the sectors we can find also some harder routs (up to 8b).

Another alternative for rock climbing in Los Olivos would be bouldering in the traverse sector. By doing the traverse we will build endurance and solving vertical Boulder problems we can increase our max strength and technique. For this kind of climbing we also need less equipment. With climbing shoes, a chalk bag and a crash pad we can spend a whole day having fun.